How e-commerce Websites Are Affected by The Social Media Marketing

How e-commerce Websites Are Affected by The Social Media Marketing

With the emergence of the World Wide Web, there were already a number of predictions that in the near future it will become the backbone of the businesses. The prediction so made became the truth. Majority of the business started migrating to the online which is known as e-commerce. But in terms of promotion and spreading awareness about the e-commerce website, the businesses were still dependent on the media channels, which was a major cause for the criticism of the e-commerce platforms’ branding. But with the strong waves of the social media channels e-commerce also got the boom in terms of brand establishment, bringing the traffic and garnering the popularity among the online users. Sharing with you the topmost reasons to answer the most asked question ‘how e-commerce websites affected by the social media marketing?’:

1.Traffic: Open your Instagram or Facebook Account and start scrolling down the newsfeed. Here the advertisements for the products available on various e-commerce website will begin and you will definitely click on a product’s link which is either looking too attractive or available at a highly competitive price. It will ultimately redirect you to the respective e-commerce website. Nowadays, a very large chunk of the consumer base is present on social media channels and that too in their leisure time which is the major cause behind the virtual foot-fall of the customers as-well-as the potential customers on the e-commerce stores.

  1. Brand Building for the new entrants:Here we would love to share one of the examples from the long list. You must have heard about the Club Factory e-commerce apparel store. Might be you have heard about it from the new advertisement running on your television and it has already built a very strong customer base with the help of social media marketing at the very early stage of its entrance in the Indian market You can also take help of The Appsolutions. Although it is a well-established brand in various other countries. So for the new entrants in the e-commerce businesses, social media marketing is a panacea.
  2. Target marketing:Have you ever observed, a moment you were searching for the earphones on a leading e-commerce website and the next moment it starts revealing on every webpage and your Facebook newsfeeds too. How? The cookies of your browser are helping the social media marketing in target marketing that is the product will be advertised before the customers who are highly interested in it.
  3. The two-way communication process:In most of the other media channels such as television, radio and magazines the entire marketing process and advertisement process runs in one-way communication but in the case of the social media marketing the entire process is on the basis of two-way communication. By the two-way communication, we mean to say that buyers get the immediate response and reaction of all sorts of the doubts and queries.
  4. Reviews and ratings by the actual users: If you have ever bought any item on an e-commerce website, we are totally sure that you must have gone through with the users’ ratings and reviews for such product. These reviews are a boon for all the e-retailers as almost all of the customers check these reviews before finalisation of their order. But some of the buyers do not rely on the reviews available on the e-commerce websites instead they prefer to check the same on the social media channels and then make the actual comparison.

There are several other indirect causes too which talk about the ways in which e-commerce website are getting impacted by the social media marketing.

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